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Stallion Management

At Brightstone Ranch we are specifically set up to care for stallions. Resident stallions have spacious stalls in the stallion barn and are turned out daily in large, grassy paddocks where they are able to exercise and have time to just be horses. Because we keep numbers of horses down on the ranch, we are able to provide more individual attention to those stallions that have special requirements to obtain peak breeding efficiency. 

Mare Management

Broodmares are the center of every breeding program, they are afforded special attention here. Whether you are leaving a mare with us to be bred, or bringing her in for the day when she is ready to breed, or perhaps need a long-term residence for your mare, we do everything possible to provide a stress-free environment. As stress is reduced, a mare is able to relax and her systems function normally, allowing her to be much more productive and easier to breed. 



We can freeze semen on your stallion for both domestic and international export. We are familiar with, and our facility meets all requirements for export to all foreign countries including federal quarantine. As a rule, all stallions being frozen for the first time are test frozen, then thawed and examined for motility. Mares will also be test bred with first freeze to ensure semen is sufficient quality to obtain pregnancy. 



Keith and Sharon Feister have a lifetime of experience in the horse industry. Brighstone Ranch, established in 2004, is a natural outgrowth of their passion for performance horses. Through the years their focus has been on breeding and stallion management, often providing them with the opportunity to work alongside some of the top reproductive experts in the country. 

Drawing on a lifetime of experience, they have made Brightstone Ranch a place where you will find breeding and stallion management as it should be, filled with personal service and attention to detail. 


1346 Praire Grove Rd, Valley View, TX 76272 

Phone: 940.665.7557

Thank you for contacting us!

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